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Butterfly Room

Welcome to our Butterfly room, our room for children age 3-school age. In this room we have a maximum of 30 children and 4 adults on a 1:8 ratio. 

Children typically move from the Caterpillar room to the Butterfly room around their 3rd birthday

( subject to availability). Some children start their pre-school journey in the Butterfly room, the choice is yours ! 

The Butterfly room is a large u shaped room with doors to our outdoor area. Children's toilets are located in this room allowing the children easy access and independence. Don't worry if your child is not toilet trained, our highly qualified staff will support you with any toilet training. Every child is different and will accomplish this when they are ready. 

At pre-school every child is unique. They all learn in different ways and at different paces. Our aim is to work together with you, their parents, and support your child as they develop new skills. All our learning is through play. We  take time to get to know your child, their likes, dislikes and what they are interested in. Through these observations, our staff will set out the learning environment to meet your child's interests, role modelling and scaffolding your child's learning, helping them to develop and learn new skills.